An assignment I’m proud of

[This is a screenshot of the recordings I made in my report.]

One of the assignments I’m proud of is my paper airplane assignment in science. I’m proud of this assignment because it was one of the assignments I’ve learned about before as I did an aerodynamic engineering course last year. The course allowed me to learn about the changes I could make to the airplane and the experiment allowed me to put it to the test. My partner and I worked efficiently with precision on each step while recording everything we did, the assignment provided us with information on how we could make the airplane fly further or higher just based on the changes we noticed. Setting up the experiment was easy and our teacher provided us with all of the materials needed. In this assignment, we would learn about the types of airplanes we could make and have a final plane to use in the experiment. We would set up a place to throw the airplane and record the flight and changes in our logs. I’m proud of the mark we earned but overall, the things we were able to accomplish and learn while doing this assignment.

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