Comment Guidelines

Welcome to my blog! This will be a place where I share many pieces of my work among many other things.  So before you start commenting on here please read the guidelines below.

  • Don’t reject others’ comments just because they express opposing views.

I understand that many of us have different points of view and thoughts but attacking another person over a comment is pointless and ill-advised. Sharing thoughts or debates will be greatly appreciated but please don’t hate on someone just because you don’t agree with their comment.

  • No “sale pitches”

Unless you have permission to do so, do not comment to promote any sort of material. Links for educational purposes are acceptable so that others may learn more but comments containing advertisements will be removed.

  • Foul language will not be appreciated.

Since this is an educational place, foul or insulting language is quite inappropriate. Please remember that teachers and possibly younger children or guardians may also be viewing your comments.

  • No derogatory or inflammatory comments.

Be civil when commenting. Do not insult, harass, discriminate against any of the other commenters or anyone on my page. If you don’t have anything nice to say or suggestions/tips, then don’t say anything at all.


sample of a comment: (A random post on how I made a science thing)

: “Hey Abby! I really liked the way you presented the [science thing], it helped me a lot! Could you do another post on how you made that and explain further onto that certain topic?” OR “This is great! I noticed [something random] so here’s a suggestion for that…”

(comments like “cool”, “I like that too”, “nice”, “looks great” will be appreciated as well)

^all comments and questions regarding future posts will be greatly appreciated but if these guidelines above are not followed, your comment will be deleted.

thank you, have a nice day <3^

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