Quarter 3 Proud assignment – Science 9 Transporting electricity

A project that I am very proud of during my quarter 3 is my science transporting electricity project. In this project we were tasked with explaining how electricity got to our homes and multiple other things related to electricity in our everyday life.  I am proud of this assignment because I think that I gave a detailed explanation of how the electricity we use is transported to our homes. I feel that I was able to include everything included in the criteria while keeping it short and concise. In addition, my research was thorough and safe by using the strategies from break the fake. This project could be used to teach others about electricity and how we get out electricity in B.C.

The file was to large to upload, so the link is below.

Transporting Electricity to our Homes

Break the Fake – Mario Lemieux will match all Christmas donations to the Mario Lemieux Foundation

I found this online while browsing the web – I am going to see if Mario Lemieux did match all of the donations, up to $500,000, that came through


  1. I checked the source. It seems to come from the NHL’s and Pittsburgh Penguins official website, but there can always be fakes.

2. I did a google search on the topic and checked the news tab, I found multiple sources that matched this article

3. Lastly I verified on Wikipedia that Mario Lemieux did create the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

This news ended up being real and not fake!



Math Exponent Project

A project that I was really proud of in quarter two was my math exponents project. In this project we were supposed to explain all the exponents laws, and what to do when you run into them. I am proud of this project for multiple reasons. To start I think I explained the rules in great detail. I am proud of this because since it is well detailed, this could actually be used to help teach the exponent laws. In addition I think that I made sure to cover all the basis of the ways you could see the exponents. I also did this in detail, and I am proud of this fact because I think it would have been easy to only cover one basis, but as I covered all the basis’ I am proud. In conclusion, this is a project that I put effort to perfect my examples and details and I am proud of what I made.

Math Exponent Rules!

Mario Lemieux – Passions

Mario Lemieux 

                Throughout hockey history, there have been many players that have dominated on the rink. Many would consider Mario Lemieux to be arguably the best player of all time. During Mario’s career, he seemed to be unstoppable, during his seventeen seasons in the NHL Lemieux racked up one thousand seven hundred and twenty-three points. Lemieux unfortunately had to end his career early due to health issues. Lemieux retired because of a cracked vertebra which irritated his nerves and ultimately gave him back spasms. Lemieux averaged one hundred and one points per season in seventeen seasons putting him in eight all time, and if he played the same number of seasons as the man in first, Wayne Gretzky, it is estimated that he would be second in all time points. During Lemieux’s seasons in the NHL, he gathered the respect of a ton of people and even gained the nickname “The Magnificent One”. Lemieux was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in nineteen ninety-seven. Another representation on how much he dominated was the trophy’s he won. Throughout his career he won three Hart Trophy’s the Calder Trophy and the Masterton Trophy. Overall, during Lemieux’s career he was a force that could not be tamed putting up insane numbers during each season. But this begs the question, as players rapidly increase their skills, and getting faster and stronger with every passing moment, will anyone ever be able to dominate as Mario Lemieux did?  

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