2. Micro bit project

Me and Sohyun have some troubles starting this project.  We both are not experienced in using code and micro bits.  So far we know or main idea and we know the basics about the micro bits.  Since we are beginners, we asked some of our classmates to review our plan and they mostly think it is a good idea.  We learned to be patient and to do one thing at a time.

1. Micro bit project

My partner Sohyun and I have thought about our micro bit project.  We figure it would be smart to have a little alert/reminder for when you forget to lock your door.  We also think we could add a reminder that surfaces on your phone.  It could be a light that goes on as well, so when you see it you would know to lock your door.  This was our first good idea that could be very helpful to some people, but it still needs some revisions.