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Hello, my name is Alexis and I am in grade 9.  I used to play a lot of sports when I was young including basketball, baseball, soccer, and swimming, until I saw my brother play curling one day and decided to try it for myself.  Four years ago I joined curling for two years and then didn’t play for another year and a half until recently, I started playing again.  I also like to play tennis with my brother for fun and I like to act.  Another thing about me is I know how to knit little stuffed bears as well as slippers and I taught myself how to play the Ukulele.  I got my love of painting from my grandfather who used to paint following the Bob Ross tutorials and managed to make my first painting last summer.


1) My Favorite Quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

I like this quote because from time to time I get a little depressed from how fast I’m growing up.  I look back at times where I was having fun with my brother and my cousin’s and wish times could be like that again.  But this quote reminds me to be happy that it happened at all and that there are new good memories to come.


2) A Picture That Has Impacted Me: 

This is a picture of me and my friends when we were really young.  I recently found this again and it made me realize that it’s ok to act like a child, or be silly or just have fun sometimes.


3) My Favorite Website: https://www.youtube.com/

My favourite website would have to be YouTube.  YouTube, in my opinion, is great.  You can find loads of different videos all the way from content creators playing games to videos on how to fix your car!  it’s a great platform that can be educational as well as for entertainment.



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  1. You have done a good job constructing your page and have integrated media and text quite well. Currently, your video isn’t working. Also, I suggest that you use your first name only.