Core Competencies

Critical Thinking Communication Social Responsibility
When something may go wrong or not planned, I use my critical thinking to take control of the situation and to not let it worsen. If two of my friends are fighting for example, which has happened many times, both come to me in need of help, I will try and remain neutral until I know all the information. I always put myself in their shoes and ask them questions. This lets me help if they ever ask for it. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is a great critical thinking strategy and really lets you go outside the box; it has helped me a lot. Even when I am arguing with someone, I will put myself in their shoes to assess how they might feel and go from there. I can always improve and ask myself more questions about situations I am in or about the future. Communication greatly depends on understanding, sharing, and connecting with others. Depending on my audience or the person I am speaking with, I will present my ideas and thoughts differently. Communicating is understanding people. Reading the room and communication nonverbally is also a type of communication. Listening and understanding people without judgement is also a skill within communication.  If someone is upset and is venting to me, I’ll listen carefully and only talk when needed. Relating and connecting is also a skill I have. When I read stories or watch shows, I can easily connect bits and pieces to my own life and to other media. I can always improve by trying even harder to understand other points of views in life. Social Responsibility is a skill I am experiencing and having to use more than ever before this year. Because I just got a job, dealing with situations that need social responsibility have become frequent. I take responsibility for my actions and achievements. I always have to make decisions on how to help the children I am teaching on the ice and I overcome challenges by staying calm and collected to not scare anyone around me, parents and children. Standing up for myself is also a skill I pride myself in. I will never let someone discourage my beliefs without reason. Something I need to work on is controlling my emotions of anger at times. My emotions are my responsibility and I need to always have them in control.

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