Self-Competency reflection



In my Drafting class, I believe that I communicated purposefully, and well to my peers and my teacher when asking for help. Furthermore, I think that I am in profile three, because even though I asked for help, listened to others, and had small conversations with my classmates, I still have not showed my fully communicating skills to the individuals around me. Therefore, in the future, I hope that I will improve my communication skills, and hopefully be in Profile Four or Five. 


For Collaborating, I think that I have shown Profile 4 or 5 in my math class. This is because we did many projects and problems that involved being in a group with my classmates, I was really interested in solving a problem with my peers, and I was engaged with them. Moreover, at the beginning of the semester, I did not engage a lot with the other students, but as time went on, I found myself enjoying and sharing ideas with the other students.  

Creative Thinking:  

For creative Thinking, I believe that I am at Profile three in my Drafting class. This is because for some of the projects, I had to get creative and draw many sketches for my projects. Although I did not think “outside of the box” I still managed to get a clever idea of what I want my sketch to look like, and how it will look like. In the future, I hope that in my electives, I will get more creative, and ideas. 

Critical Thinking and Reflective Thinking: 

For Critical Thinking & Reflective Thinking, I believe that I am at Profile 4 or 5. This is because in my English class last semester, we had to do Shakespeare projects, where we had to rehears and memorize the script for “The Midsummer Night’s Dream” and present it Infront of my peers. Throughout the project, I had to overcome a difficult challenge in which one of my classmates would not do his part well, and he would not memorize his lines. Furthermore, it was an extremely challenging task to do, but in the end, I got him to memorize his lines, and the project went well.  

Personal Awareness and Responsibility: 

For Personal Awareness and Responsibility, I think that I am at Profile 4. This is because throughout my semester, I had many tests, and projects, and sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I thought to myself to just quit and do it later. However, I managed to tell myself that if you do it now, then you will not have to face the bad grade that you will achieve if you do not study/ work for it. I know the consequences for my decisions and every action that I make. 

Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: 

For Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, I think that I am at Profile 4 because I am all about being positive with myself, and never hating myself for who I am, and if I am too unathletic enough, or too skinny. Furthermore, I have a good knowledge of my identity, what I value influences the choices that I make in my life, and how this will present me as a human being. Also, I can represent my cultural background through words and describe ways I participate in my community. 

Socials Awareness and Responsibility:  

For Socials Awareness and Responsibility, I am at Profile Four because I feel like I am a well supportive, and kind individuals to my friends, and I will always help them if they are in any situation of help. Moreover, I am responsible for my actions and what I do will decide me as a person.  

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