Air Pollution Emissions

What is the overall topic and goal of your project?

My topic is the effects of air pollution emissions on the environment and our health. I chose this topic because I love the environment and I have a fair bit of knowledge about air pollution and the negative effects it poses on the planet. My goal for this project was to inform/bring more awareness to people about air pollution emissions by creating a visually appealing infographic.

What tool did you use and what did you learn about it?

I used Canva for my infographic and I learned that Canva is super convenient to use and can be fun. It’s nice that it has many template options to choose from but can also be used by creating your own unique design. I learned how to format a bar graph on Canva and I learned about all of its creative aspects. Canva can be used to make infographics but also videos, presentations, brochures, posters and logos. It’s very versatile and I will look forward to using it again for a future project.

How has the process of utilizing this tool impacted your understanding of how technology can change (or help) the world?

I think that this tool has shown me that technology can change the world by being the medium people use to bring awareness to important topics to educate people. I really like technology and how useful and creative it is because it has no limits. Canva, for example, could be used to make posters for a protest against or for a cause and can be distributed online on social media. Technology is a good way to stay interconnected in the world, but like everything, moderation is key.


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