Welcome To Maverick’s Blog

Welcome to My Blog I’m Maverick an avid gamer and a Basketball player and I have two fluffy cats that I care for dearly

My favorite quote is 

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”  By Suzy Kassem I like it because it says if you are in fear of failing at your dreams you will never reach your dreams because your fear destroyed it

My favorite youtube clip 

It’s of a person playing my favorite song on the piano


I like it because the song is majestic and is really beautiful and just brings people down to earth from how well its played

My favorite picture is 

An Artist drawing japan after coming back from the country and I love the picture because it shows the beauty of the nature and culture of Japan really well making me want to go to Japan myself

Favorite website 

Its little alchemy 2 because its something I play in my downtime to occupy myself