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Vivienne Westwood and her influence



Vivienne Westwood was an influential part of punk culture and her bold approach changed fashion and had an impact on environmentalism, British culture, and the royal family. Her interesting relationship and her similarities to Queen Elizabeth II likely contributed to this. Even during childhood, she was rebellious and was known by her classmates as cool and very brave. She was overlooked sadly, by her teachers who saw nothing special in her due to her lack of interest in academics. Her unique personality which was often described as “a contradiction” inspired her collections and even her logo. Many other designers had a huge influence on the punk era such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen, but Vivienne Westwood was a real treasure, being the most influential woman in punk fashion in all of history.


Dame Vivienne Westwood, an iconic British fashion designer, has left an indelible mark on the industry through her rebellious spirit and innovative designs. Since emerging in the 1970s with her punk-inspired creations, Westwood has challenged conventional fashion norms with bold experimentation and provocative aesthetics. Her influence extends far beyond clothing, shaping cultural attitudes towards style and sustainability. Embracing environmental activism, she has championed ethical fashion practices, urging the industry towards greater accountability. Westwood’s fearless approach to design continues to inspire generations of artists and designers, making her a true pioneer whose legacy transcends fashion trends to embody a powerful force for change in the world of couture.



Looking at the town paragraphs above, there’s a few things I notice. Firstly, the sources I used to write my paragraph where mixed, some talking about Vivienne Westwood’s personality and some talking about her accomplishments and basically just facts. The AI on the other hand, talks only about facts which gives the reader the information that they want, but explains the topic on a less personal level. This is mainly what makes it so obvious that the first paragraph was written but a real person. I also chose not to include any dates in my paragraph, and the AI did. It actually surprised me that the AI didn’t include more dates such as when she was born, which can be another indicator of AI generated text. In conclusion, the texts hold similar information, the main difference being that one took me 30 minutes and the other 30 seconds. I feel that AI is a helpful tool if you need a fact-based text written, but researching and writing leaves room for personal reflection.


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