Core Competencies

In the many years of my high school education I have experienced a confident amount of challenges that have shaped me into who I am today. One of the core competencies I display in a classroom environment is communication. When participating in group projects I offer ideas, assistance, and an open mind to construct proper discussion amongst my group members. An example of ideal communication would be in my Social Justice 12 class where many controversial and unnormalized topics are discussed. Recently my group partner and I had been assigned a group project on Incel Culture which we had the majority to do in class but partly at home. We had to review the notes, the powerpoint slides, and the script in a matter of a week. These steps were thankfully done miraculously because of our ability to open mindedly communicate our differences and strengths. This enabled us to engage the audience not only because of the information we had but because of how my partner and I communicated in a professional manner during the presentation. Through this example was I able to correctly represent my capability to communicate with my peers.

A second core competency I have delivered is personal and social responsibility. My guitar 12 class has a mixture of beginners and intermediates, and as a comfortable guitarist. I believe it is a given opportunity to offer assistance for my peers who are struggling to adapt and set their foundations to succeed in Guitar 11/12. Since there is only one teacher guiding this course and it becomes apparent that students are struggling to show progress; it is necessary to offer assistance because a student teacher is sometimes preferred. Overall, personal and social responsibility has been reflected in my ability to empathize in any circumstance and use my role as a student to treat others with respect and sensitivity.


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