break the fake part 2

Im going to see if klay tomphson really lost his nba championship hat during the parade. this post is by msn.


Oops Warriors Player Klay Thompson Knocks Over Fan Championship Parade

I went to the website and it looked legit and had many search results.


I looked a the accounts talking about this and a verified account was talking about it and provided video proof.


lastly I looked at other websites talking about it and each had the same story and showed proof with the video so I think its safe to sat its real.



Semester proud project

One project I’m proud of from last term was my English poem. My poem was about the earths environment. I’m proud of it because it was my best mark for all the projects I’ve done in English and, i worked on it for three days straight perfecting it. I also had fun while making it and learned more about my topic when researching information about it. My poem has also impacted me and I started to recycle and not litter anymore.

A project i’m proud of

A project I am proud of this semester is a poem I made for english. The first reason im proud of this project is because its the highest mark I got all year in all my classes.  The second reason im proud of this project is because I tryed really on this project and this was the hardest I ever tryed. The final reason im proud of this project is because I handed this project in before the deadline and it wasent late and all my other assignments are usually late. This is why im proud of this assignment.