Core competency

In ceramics course, we made coil pots as a learning activity which was a great demonstration of perseverance and flexibility because me and many of my friends had to restart multiple times and go with the flow of the clay to really understand how to make it a sturdy pot and not fall apart. Coming to ceramics class after school really helped me catch up and ensure my pot was stable.

Ive grown the most in math class because i was struggling a lot at the beginning of the year, i tried my best to figure it alone but i realized it would be much easier if i asked for help. My sister, parents, and teachers helped me a lot and now i am doing very well in math.

Next I will focus on developing and getting better at socials studies class by setting more time aside to study and trying my best to remember and take in more information by going over my notes.

This is a video of my pot falling apart.


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