On the site WebMD, an article was posted about the healing properties of crystals. To verify that this is true, I followed some basic steps.

  1. I searched WebMD on Wikipedia to confirm that this is a reliable source.

2. Then I read through the article for proof and or evidence. There is evidence that crystals have healing abilities. This made it easy to know if it was true because I own many crystals and I do lots of research on other sites.


3. My last step was to check another site to see if other articles said the same thing about the healing properties or crystals. I found 2 other sites that contained similar information.

After following these simple steps, I can now confirm that this site is factual

One thought on “Passions

  1. I’d like to see the actual article you read on WebMD to see what is exactly claimed by the article. The quotes from the article itself will argue the validity of what they are claiming. Have you checked any other reliable article written by an authority/expert on a similar topic? 🙂

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