Me and my partner Ghazal, will make a Micro Bit step counter device. While running or walking, it will count how many steps you take per day. When you shake it, the steps increases by 1. It starts with 0 steps , when button A is pressed, it shows how many steps you have taken so far. When button A + B are pressed together, the device resets back to 0. We are thinking about adding a strap to the microbit so you can wear on your ankle as you run/walk.

Design Process

  1. Me and my partner, Ghazal, want to make a step counter using a micro bit to count how many steps we take a day. We want to add a vibration or a sound that buzzes every time you reach 2000 steps. If we make a vibration or a sound that buzzes every 2000 steps, it’ll be easier for you to know if you have reached your goal on how many steps you took instead of looking at the micro bit every time.