June 7

About Me

  • All About Me :

    Hey hey, I’m Sydney! I’m 13 years old, even though I may look like I’m 10. I went to Banting middle school and prior to that, I went to Roy Stibbs elementary school. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago but moved here in 2009 right before I turned four. I have two sisters that have go to or have gone to Charles Best. They’ve told me stories about how fun the spirit days so I’m excited to see how those turn out. I’m also excited and relieved that my friends from Banting and I no longer have to suffer through having half lockers!

    My Quote :

    I’ve chosen the quote “Every bodies blind when the view’s amazing” from one of my current favorite songs, Stay by Post Malone. I chose this quote because I really liked the meaning behind it. Some people tend to only view the advantages of certain situations without measuring out the disadvantages. Yes, it’s good to be optimistic, but that doesn’t mean you have to rule out the collateral damage of your actions. It’s important to view both sides of a decision before making a final choice.

    My Video :

    I chose this video because I found a tiny bit educational and extremely funny at the same time.  Lily Singh is a very motivational idol of mine! She’s really funny and her content is amazing. That’s why I love her videos!

    My Picture :

    I chose this picture because my most popular nickname is Pikachu or Pika! I got the nickname Pikachu because of a stupid a joke i used to make all the time. After that, the nickname stuck. Now, every time my mom calls me pikachu, it reminds me of when I was much younger and it makes me feel nice! If you see me in the halls, feel free to call my Pikachu!

    My Hyperlink :

    I chose a hyperlink to CoolMathGames because my friends and I have been using this site for nearly a decade now and we’ve never grown out of it. There were so many fun games on this site that we used to play together, so many memories. Sadly, there’s been news going around that the site will be taken down in a couple months so I’ve chosen to put the link here as a mini tribute. Enjoy it while you can!


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    I really like how you have integrated various media into your post. You have done a very good job constructing your page and commenting about yourself and your interests while still being mindful of your online presence. Good work!

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