About Me


My Favourite Quote:

My Favourite Quote is: “Do you Best” – Dad. This quote is special to me because it is something my dad use to and still does say to me every day before school and before every athletic practice. I guess you can say it has really inspired me to do my “Best”!

My Favourite Youtube Clip:

This video is my favourite YouTube clip because it was video I used to watch when I was little with my sister and cousins. This clip brings back a lot of memories and nostalgia. My dream (when I was little) was to one day make this cake. But I wasn’t the best baker so I never got around to it!

A Picture That Has Impacted Me:

Image result for Greece

This Picture has impacted me because Greece is my dream vacation. It is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and hopefully I will get to go there in the near future.

My Favourite Website:


Coolmathgames is my favourite website because it is a site I used to use a lot when I was little (and also a bit too much now!) I fins this site very fun to use. I also really enjoy computer games.