We experienced four processes in building.

Think: Firstly, we get all our materials: LED lights, battery, copper wires, brass nap and paper clip. Then, we had a knowledge of how to combine brass nap and paper clips. After that, we estimate the distance between copper wire and brass nap- about two-thirds of the paper clip. At last, we get our own tasks: I adjust batteries and make sure that the circuit works, Amy sticks copper tape, Evan installs switches.

Make: First, stick copper tape to the plan. When we stick, we make sure that it is according to the wire drawn accurately. If a switch or LED light is designed halfway, estimate the length of it and prepare enough space for it. Then, we place LED lights and switches. Especially, when we are putting LED lights in the circuit, we carefully record which side is positive and which side is negative. Next, we place our batteries and a basic circuit is completed. At last, we stick the batteries to the plan to make them steady.

Test: First of all, we close the switch and have a basic test of circuit. What we want to make sure is just whether these scripts are fine and the battery is not reverse. The circuit does work, but you need to press the switch hard. In another word, the contact between switch and copper tape is not well. Next, we measure the voltage and current of the battery and three lights. During this step, there comes a big problem. when we are measuring current, the hand of the ammeter is moving all the time. We can’t stop it! After trying several times, we finally have all these datum measured.

Improve: As we mentioned, there are two things that are not perfect. One thing is that the contact between the switch and the copper tape is not well. We tried to add more copper tape to the point where get contact, but it doesn’t solve the problem. At last, we use copper tape to increase the mass of the clip and have this problem solved. Another problem, as well as a bigger problem, is that we can’t measure the current accurately because of the unsteadiness of the hand of the ammeter. We tried several methods, including reversing the battery and adding copper tape, but none of them makes sense. Finally, we solve it by sticking the tape again and fixing LED lights again.

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