Fortunately, I come to Charlesbest Secondary School. The school is so big and environment is absolutely good. At school, the atmosphere is fairly nice because most of the student are Canadians and they speak English. The school gives me an opportunity to select the subject I like. I choose electronics and robotics this semester, considering it a creative one. I hope I can have programming class next semester. In order to integrate into the community, I feel like doing something meaningful. Tomorrow will be my first challenge. I will play the role as a volunteer and maintain discipline within five kilometres of the marathon. I think it must be busy but with a sense of accomplishment. In spite of this, I am going to look after the old in the geracomium. I am an optimistic person so I am keen on performing and taking part in talk shows. So if there is an activity like this, I will take part in it at once. I sincerely hope I can adapt to this community completely.

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