Quarter 3 Proud Assignment

For my Quarter 3 Proud Assignment I chose a cutting board I made in Woodworking 9. the reason i chose this is because it was one of my favorite projects that I made. its one of my favorites because I love the colors of the wood that I chose and how they go together. it also took me forever to sand and by the time i finished i developed lots of appreciation for it.


Quarter 2 Proud Assignment

French Revolution Essay

For my Quarter 2 Proud Assignment I chose my French revolution essay from Socials 9. For the essay we had to write about one of three topics. I chose to write mine about why I felt that Marie Antoinette did not deserve to be killed. I’m proud of it partly because of the grade, but also because I  managed to hand it in on time and I worked really hard researching the topic to make the essay great. In addition to that I put lots of care into covering every supporting reason in detail.


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You did a really good job on this. It was super helpful.