Zahra’s Blog


My name is Zahra. I’m in grade 9. I my favorite sports are swimming and skiing and, in my free time I like to paint. On this blog I’m going to be sharing a little bit of everything.

My Favorite Quote:

A memorable quote I have heard is “Their idea of you is not your responsibility to live up to.”I always try to live up to everyone’s standards and I constantly forget that is not my responsibility to do so I just have to live to my standards and my standards only.

My favorite YouTube Clip:

My favorite YouTube video is this classic scene from Mr. Bean. I chose this video, because it brings back memories from when i was younger watching it with my cousins at sleepovers.


My Favorite Picture:

I chose this picture because it was one of my favorite cupcakes I have made. I made them for my uncles birthday, and I loved the way they turned out. they looked so cute and everyone loved them.

My Favorite Website:

One of my favorite websites is the SPCA website I like to read the stories of the animals.

Tri-Cities Education & Adoption Centre