Zahra’s Blog


My name is Zahra. I’m in grade 9. I my favorite sports are swimming and skiing and, in my free time i like to paint things. On this blog im going to be sharing a little bit of everything.

My Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote is “I’m staying up on new year’s eve. Not to see the new year in but to make sure this one leaves.” this is a quote a friend sent me and i chose it because i can’t wait for 2020 to be over.

My favorite Youtube Clip:

My favorite Youtube video is this classic scene from Mr. Bean. i chose this video because i remember watching it with my family when i was younger.


My Favorite Picture:

My favorite picture is this picture of my littleĀ  sister at Walmart with a unicorn head. I chose this picture because the day i took this picture was a fun day and it makes me laugh.


My Favorite Website:

My favorite website is Netflix, because netflix is what got me through the summer.