break the fake pt 2 passions

  1. I found this article by searching the healing rhythms of music therapy and clicking on the news tab, I clicked on this article by Nicole S. Colson that was named Music & Emotions. I will be checking this article to see if what it says is true.

2. to check if this article is real, I went on to Wikipedia to see if there was an article about this website and I didn’t find anything.

3. I also tried searching the topic of the website Music & Emotions by Nicole S. Colson followed by fake or hoax to see if any other websites had talked about this website, but I didn’t find anything about it.

In conclusion, I didn’t find any information going against this website and do think the facts are true. This article backs up the facts that music improves our physical, mental and emotional health. it can approve your ability to memorize and perform simple processing tasks like matching numbers to geometrical shapes. I also found an article on the Times magazine answering the question, Is Listening to Music Good For Your Health? and lists its many benefits.

foods 9

I enjoyed the foods 9 class with Mrs. Hyatt-Shaw because she was super nice, funny, and she always tried to connect with her students and know who they are outside of the classroom. In this quarter my favorite dish that we made was the pronto pizza because we got to make it all from scratch and my group got to put cheese in the crust, it was very delicious. It was the last thing we made in foods 9 so while we ate it Mrs. Hyatt-Shaw told us stories from her other classes where the students made some funny mistakes while cooking.


Healing rhythms (music)

I am passionate about music because it makes me happy and focus on something different. It helps me sleep at night because I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep, and there are multiple genres that you can listen to and they’re all creative and unique in their own way. I spend as much of my time as I can listening to music, it’s taking up most of my phones storage. A university in Sydney conducted a study between the 1950s and 2014, called “stair way to hell: life and death in the pop music industry, ” they examined the deaths of musicians, the averages were compared by sex and when they took place for the general U.S. population. the results that came up were that the lifespan of musicians are 25 years shorter.


Children and young adults with social anxiety, depression, and behavioral or emotional issues can get help from spontaneous music. 

What does music have in it that makes a part of your brain release dopamineWhen you’re listening to your preferred music dopamine gets released in the corpus striatum/striate nucleus, which is a cluster of neurons in the subcortical basal ganglia of the forebrain. Especially the nucleus accumbens and the caudate. 

When you’re listening to your preferred music dopamine gets released in the corpus striatum/striate nucleus, which is a cluster of neurons ithe subcortical basal ganglia of the forebrain. Especially the nucleus accumbens and the caudate. Many different sounds can help you be spontaneous while creating a song. Crystals and high vibrations / frequencies that are made by singing bowls, or you can play subliminal music can help cure you with chemotherapy treatments. Everybody has different ways they can learn. there are visual learners, Kinesthetic (hands on) learners, reading & writing learners, and auditory learners. A child is able to learn new words by hearing them being sung to them. People who have trouble remembering things a way to help them is for them to listen to music that they remember listening to when they were younger. All songs have different levels of healing thaothers especially if that specific genre of music is liked by the person. Slow rhythm music can help relieve high heart rate, high blood pressure, and body temperature. Slow tempo music can reduce stress and anxiety. Sharing music with someone you want to get close with can help strengthen that bond. Playing music in the form of the video game rock band with friends can increase your empathy for people you just met and help lower your stress levels. For people with speech problems and dementia music is a good way to treat them. When we sing it activates two parts in our hemisphere versus when we talk it only activates one part. Just like the girls in kindergarten who is learning words by hearing them being sung, people who have had a stroke can relearn how to speak by singing words rather than talking. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can get triggers by past memories by playing a favorite song.  

Francais 9 – Besoin d’air

In Francais 9, we had to read the book Besoin D’air and then made a poster with moments we liked that happened in this book.

I don’t have the picture with me but I am really proud of this because I got to draw some pictures and I had to look at things I someone else’s perspective.

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