break the fake pt 2 passions

  1. I found this article by searching the healing rhythms of music therapy and clicking on the news tab, I clicked on this article by Nicole S. Colson that was named Music & Emotions. I will be checking this article to see if what it says is true.

2. to check if this article is real, I went on to Wikipedia to see if there was an article about this website and I didn’t find anything.

3. I also tried searching the topic of the website Music & Emotions by Nicole S. Colson followed by fake or hoax to see if any other websites had talked about this website, but I didn’t find anything about it.

In conclusion, I didn’t find any information going against this website and do think the facts are true. This article backs up the facts that music improves our physical, mental and emotional health. it can approve your ability to memorize and perform simple processing tasks like matching numbers to geometrical shapes. I also found an article on the Times magazine answering the question, Is Listening to Music Good For Your Health? and lists its many benefits.

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