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  1. My Employability Skills- A Reflection

    October 16, 2019 by shievam2018

    1. Review the employability skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activites.

    My employability skills include being able to work in a team, managing time, and keeping an enthusiastic attitude. For example, I worked with my class (my team) to get out of the human knot. We couldn’t get out of the knot if everybody did their own thing. We worked as a team in the first activity when someone didn’t know the answer so the rest of the class would give them hints. I threw the yarn to so the group didn’t have to wait for me to figure it out. I managed my time well in the second activity when I took the first step untangling my section. Since I did that, I didn’t waste time. I kept an enthusiastic attitude through out both activities by cheering on my class.

    2. Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practise them so that you are employable in the future.

    I would like to work on my problem solving and flexibility. I can improve my problem solving by taking more time to evaluate the problem then brainstorm solutions that seem plausible. I can improve my flexibility by getting used to change and adapting to new situations. Being flexible is a skill that needs to be built by being open to new opportunities. If I say no to my opportunities I will never become flexible.

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