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House Project Blog Post #3

November 24, 2018 by shievam2018   

Now the project is finished!

this is the entrance/living room, it is a parallel and series circuit. The green light is brighter while the red ones are dimmer.

This is the bedroom, It is a series circuit. The lights have the same brightness.

This is the bathroom, it is a series circuit. The lights have the same amount of brightness.

This is the kitchen (bulb one). It is a parallel circuit with two switches. This is bulb one being lit.

This is the kitchen (bulb 2). It is a parallel circuit with two switches. This is the second bulb being lit.

My Self Reflection

Communication- This project helped develop my communication competency by making me work in a group of three instead of just me. It was easier to work in a group rather than alone because the work that had to be done was split between three people. Communicating with my group wasn’t just us talking but it was also us individually knowing how to complete the project and sharing out ideas to make sure we all knew how to do every part of it. If we did not share our ideas and communicate then we would all be lost and only know how to do fragments of the project.

Thinking- This project helped develop my thinking competency by making me use my knowledge of circuits and use it in real life. Without this project, the material I learned would only be useful to me in tests. Now I know how to build a circuit, not just talk about it. I wasn’t stumped at any point with this project because all of the class work had prepared me for it. I did have┬áto think about how to get one of my rooms to be brighter than the others, but in the end I understood.

Personal and Social- This project helped develop my personal and social competency by letting me hear different ideas so that I could diversify my thoughts. Working with different people can change the way you think. Hearing other people’s ideas could change the quality of your ideas. I built relationships with my group members, I can trust them to get their part of the work done. I kept myself on a steady path to get this project done. My group and I did a good job of working together to get the project done. I personally did my part and so did my group.

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  1. eexley says:

    Thank you for your post. Your post is well thought out and I enjoyed your picture tour of the final project.

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