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House Project Blog Post #2

November 22, 2018 by shievam2018   

Day 1


Today we gathered materials and figured out who is bringing what materials. Ainsley said she will bring all of the decorations and the batteries, we decided to use lego pieces. Alexandra is bringing the shoe box. I am bringing the glue gun and the glue. We plan to make four rooms, the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the entrance/living room. The bedroom and bathroom are both series circuits and the entrance/living room and the kitchen are parellel. hopefully the circuits will work and that none of the parts are broken. I predict that the wires may be hard to strip and cut.

Day 2


Today we started to build the house. I brought the glue gun and the glue, Ainsley brought the decorations and the batteries, and Alexandra brought the shoe box. Alexandra striped the wires, Ainsley sketched on the box, and I made the circuit drawings. Tomorrow we need to get our batteries and glue in the walls and decorations.

Day 3


Today we finished the decorations by hot gluing the furniture onto the shoe box then we glued in the walls. After that we got started on the building of our circuit. We got our battery snaps and the switches then connected the wires to the batteries and closed the switch light up the rooms. We finished the project!


Day 4


Now we think of ways to improve this project. I think we might have been able to get more done today if we started working right as we got into class. We were a little overwhelmed with the project at first but I don’t think you can improve a reaction to an assignment. We tried putting the walls in first but found that it would be hard to glue in the furniture so we didn’t stick with it. We also tried to use conducting wires but we later found out that they weren’t needed to complete the circuit because the lightbulbs could be connected on their own.






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  1. eexley says:

    Thanks for your post. Great job at documenting your learning! I enjoyed reading about your building process and how you were able to finish your project.

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