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Hello, I’m Shieva! I have an older brother named Shayan, he went here but is now at Capilano University. Painting is a hobby of mine, I paint with oil paints and sometimes acrylic or watercolour. Lastly, I love to catch up with friends. Most of the time talking is better than a movie or an extravagant activity.

My Quote:

“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”- Indira Gandhi

This quote stands out to me because it syncs a meaning both physically and mentally. A clenched fist is associated with aggression and noncompliance. To shake hands is to make a deal or agree to terms. If you shake a hand with your fist it ruins the purpose of having equal hands interlock. One person is trusting and making a fair deal while the other expects trust with nothing to give in return and emanates noncompliance.

My Video:


I don’t have anything special to say about this video. I picked it because it reminded me of something that my own dog would do. He runs into doors and gets stuck under beds, I would say that this dog has something in common with him.

My Picture:


Speaking of my dog, this is Cookie, he is seven years old and getting lazier every year. Seven years ago I was seven so you can imagine how much I annoyed this poor dog. I would squeeze him and occasionally pull his tail but he never got angry. He knew I was just a kid and had no idea what I was doing. When we first got him I thought that if I called his name in a specific way every time he would recognize me and run to me if he ever got lost. That did not work, however Cookie will probably never get lost because he would’t have the energy to run away.


My Hyperlink:


Veritable Hokum

When I have nothing to do I like to browse these comics. They all have to do with mythology and I find it interesting. It’s funny to read comics about myths because they are already so hectic on their own. Some of them have to do with history, this is also great because it just gets stuck in your head as a neat comic instead of a textbook assignment.


Hope you learned something about me!




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  1. braabe says:

    Great work! You have done a very good job putting together your about me page and have integrated your media seamlessly onto your page. Your comments are thorough without being too revealing and indicate a good understanding of digital literacy.

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