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This article is about The History Of Softball. It brings up the founder/founders of softball and how the sport came to be. The differences and changes that were made between baseball and softball. Also this article tells viewers the basic rules, regulations and attire of softball that have evolved over the years. Lastly it shares the different forms/levels you can play softball at.

The steps I took to insure that this article isn’t fake and is giving out true information are the following:

– Verify The Source:
I looked at other articles that the website has put out so I can be more sure that it is a real website.

This is the website I used. By the way the main page looks with all the tabs and the title. I can tell this website will give me the information I need. I also clicked and looked at all the tabs to make sure that they weren’t there just so people think it is a real site.

– Check other Sources:

I did another search using the same words in the search bar and looked at other websites and compared the information that was given.

This is a photo of another site that I took a look at. The information that was given on this website was very similar and almost exact to the first website. Also I know this site is real bc it is a scholarship/recruiting site. And it is giving people information about softball, so this site would also bc a good resource because everything on it would have to be true because people will use it so they can succeed and go far in the sport.

Because of the steps I took to insure the real ness of the site. I am now able to say that this website if TRUE and I am eligible to use it again if needed!

Website used:


Quarter 3 proud assignment

This is a project for Physics 9, science. We had to create a circuit and a blueprint of it for a small house. There had to be at least 4 lights, 1 for each of the rooms and a main battery source.

we also had to include a write up of what we learned, the difference between types of circuits and things i would change if I did it again.

overall I’m proud of this assignment because it really showed what I had learned in physics and it was a fun project to do!

Quarter 2 Proud Assignment

My proud assignment for quarter 2 was a booklet we had to create in math for exponent rules.

We had to decide what type of booklet we wanted to make. I chose a travel brochure type booklet. Within the booklet we had to write all the different rules and the steps to succeed in following the exponent rules.

Because I chose a travel brochure type of booklet, I also had to come up with consequences you would face if you didn’t follow the rules.


See the source image

Passion- Softball

Hi everyone! On my blog today I will be talking about Softball.

Softball is something that I have grown to be passionate for. I have played this sport for 9 years and I have put a lot of effort and dedication into it.

Here is some details on Softball history.

Softball was first mention in 1887, in Chicago, as a indoor version of Baseball, but with a bigger ball and a smaller field. The popularity grew very slowly of the game until 1933, when there was a fair and Softball had made an appearance. That year The Amateur Softball Association was formed. From that year on softball had became more popular and it rules and environment changed. Softball later became an outdoor sport and the fields are still smaller then a baseball field but they increased the fence line from 200 feet to 220 feet, instead of the white on white balls like a base ball but bigger they switched to a yellow with red stitching ball. Also instead of having a 13 inning game they switched it to a 9 but then later switched it again to a 7 inning game. Most of these rule changes were for entertainment purpose’s. People want to watch  big hits and amazing catches and bases scored etc. so these changes allowed a game that is slower paste, then most sports, have entertaining and worth while plays and hits to be seen. Softball attire was also upgraded over the years. Women had started off by wearing shorts and high socks with a jersey of some sort. Not long after softball became more popular, longer pants had been introduced but women and girls mainly stayed with the shorts for a number of years until the transition of the longer pants had become more popular.




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