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Welcome to your Digital Portfolio at Dr. Charles Best. We provide a unique and innovative digital culture for all students to learn in. We are a 1:1 school which means each and every student and staff member uses a device to enhance teaching and learning, and most importantly, help prepare our students with tools and skills to be successful in the future. In order to ensure the success of the 1:1 program we have put in place a variety of support systems.

If you ever need assistance with technology please visit the Digital Literacy Room beside room 202. 


Our school uses Edublogs to document and showcase your learning and experiences at Dr. Charles Best.  You will use your blog to post work and assignments for classes, to post about your learning and experiences in your portfolio, and write reflections based on the Core Competencies.

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Office 365

All of our staff and students have FREE access to O365 tools. Our school uses these tools as one of our foundational platforms.

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Coquitlam Open Learning – Applications of Digital Literacy 10

At Dr. Charles Best, Grade 9 students will earn four credits for their work in developing digital literacy skills in the course, Applications of Digital Literacy 10. In their classes, students will be required to demonstrate the ability to efficiently and effectively navigate digital technologies while behaving ethically, responsibly and protecting personal security and privacy.


Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the collection of all the traces you leave in electronic environments as you use or move through them. Some is content you actively volunteer—like your Facebook profile. Other material is passive—the cookies a site stores in your browser, the content your district collects about your use of their equipment, etc. All this data can be aggregated to build a profile of you and your behavior.

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Tips for Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

  • Always THINK
  • Never post anything that you might find embarrassing later.
  • Be careful with the pictures you post on your public profiles. Remember others will see them and judge you based on their content.
  • Change the privacy settings on your social networking sites so that only your Friends can see your information
  • Do not disclose your personal address, phone number, passwords. Bank card numbers…etc even in private messages. There is always the possibility of somebody hacking into your account and finding them.
  • Do not post things to bully, hurt, blackmail, insult, or afflict any kind of harm on others
  • Always keep in mind that once information has been posted online, it can be almost impossible to remove because of archiving and file sharing. Even though you deactivate your accounts, the information may still be retrieved by others.

Recent Posts

assignment 6B


softball is a sport mainly played by girls and women. softball and baseball have many similarities including that they have the same motions as hitting, throwing, catching the ball and base running. there are also major differences that a lot of people don’t actually know about. some of the most common differences are the size of the ball. as baseball is 9 to 9.25 cm and a softball is 12 inches. there is a significant difference in size. another major difference in baseball and softball is the bats. in the MLB baseball players use wooden bats and in softball, softball players use either composite or aluminum bats. typically softball players use aluminum bats as they make better connection to the ball. a lot of people say that baseball is harder then softball but it is scientifically proven that softball is harder then baseball and some of these differences proves just how much harder it is.


  • Softball fields are typically smaller than baseball fields. The distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate is 43 feet in softball, while in baseball, it’s 60 feet 6 inches. The bases are 60 feet apart in softball and 90 feet apart in baseball. The outfield fence is also closer in softball.
  • Additionally, the pitching mound in softball is flat, whereas in baseball, it is raised.
  • Softball pitchers throw underhand from a flat mound, while baseball pitchers throw overhand from an elevated mound. This difference affects the speed and trajectory of the ballBaseball teams have nine players on the field, while softball teams can have either nine or ten players (with the extra player often being a fourth outfielder).Stealing bases is more common in baseball, whereas in softball, it’s less frequent.Softball has a rule called the “run-ahead rule”, which ends the game if one team is ahead by a certain number of runs after a specific number of innings.Softball and baseball use different-sized balls, gloves, and bats. Softball bats are shorter and lighter.
  • Softball infields are entirely made of dirt, while baseball infields have grass with dirt basepaths.
  • Baseball has a global following, while softball is often played by adults (primarily female) and children.


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