Core Comp

I have demonstrated the social and responsible core companies by being a head coach in the Coquitlam Adanacas Lacrosse Association. When I am coaching, I am responsible for 18 girls from the ages 7-9 years old. In this time when they are playing or practicing, I must adapt to the different needs of all the kids at once. This has led me to be able to navigate when one of my athletes are crying and I can calm them down but also motivating them to keep playing. When my team is losing a game, I learn how to encourage them to see the positive side of things by telling them the good things they are doing but also showing them the changes that can be made to make it a closer game. I believe I have grown by being more confident in my ability to handle and control my athletes. This is because last year I was an assistant coach, and I was able to observe and watch how different coaches work with the athletes in different high stress situations. My goal Is to eventually coach at a higher level and be an established coach. I will do this by moving up to coach at a different level as an assistant coach again, so I am able to learn and change how to coach at different ages. This will also make me a better coach as I can learn and run different drills that I did when I was that age and reflect on how my past coaches made my teammates and myself better athletes and leaders.

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