1a) during the activity; ice breaker web, we worked outside which differs from our usual environment in the classroom. I respected every member of our team and help up the string to keep us all connected as a group. 

  1. B) the human knot, in my opinion, required more professionalism than the web. Because some people were giving more ideas and directions towards reaching our goal, they were to show leadership and know what they’re doing and are clear on ideas.
  2. C) interpersonal communication was mostly used during the human knot. I suggested ideas in a polite way and listened to other’s ideas to compare and negotiate for the best solution 
  3. D) everyone had our own little piece of responsibility to follow and complete the task to result in a huge web held by and through connecting everyone together 
  4. E) both required critical thinking and problem solving, the first activity on the web was to remember the facts of people in front of me. I tried to find strategies to help connect the facts to the person by finding similarities. The second activity with the human knot required logic and thinking to get the best plan for us to work together and solve the knot. 
  5. F) we had a set amount of time to use so we planned out what the best way was to both solve the problem perfectly and save time at the same time 
  6. G) when we faced a problem during the human knot or if a friend forgot the facts they needed to remember, we were happy to encourage them and help out as much as possible  
  7. H) we had an open mindset to anything we could do and improve on our plans and actions during the activity 
  8. I) the same for “I”, having an open mindset allows us to accept and take in other ideas ad to select the one which works the most efficient and causes fewer consequences. 

2.for the future activities and in life in general, I want to work on my ability to better communicate my ideas to others in a gentle and considerate way. To improve this task, I will participate in more class discussions and I also joined odyssey of the mind to learn more about presenting a logical and logical and critical idea and thinking. I would also like to work on m adaptability to feedback I often ignore my feedbacks because I believe that once a task is completed, I can’t go back and change it. However, I will always face similar problems in the future and taking in the feedback will help me to have a better understanding ton what to do next time to save more time and finish better.