Hola~ I’m Qing! You’re probably wondering how that’s pronounced. Ya, it’s not “King”, it’s pronounced as “Ching”. I’ve been in Canada for almost 5 years now and I speak 4 languages. I enjoy playing piano and interior designing. In the future, I desire to be an interior designer.



“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Mattew 7:12

Also known as the "Golden Quote" was taught to me by my aunt since I was 3. She always mentioned to respect others and put them before yourself, for that it will be done back to you. This quote really inspired me to be kind to everyone and really look into their perspective. It has been constantly reminded in our family and it will stay and advise me to be always considerate towards others.



This video brings my mood up from watching this doggo bark the "Mine" song with many heart and loving stickers. The ower of the dog & account autotuned the barking noises into the right tones, edited the video making it more interesting and eye-catching.


This is a picture of my 2-year-old Corgi "Momo". The picture is very memorable because this was the first picture ever taken of my dog and it was also on the day when we brought her home. Since that day she has brought our whole family so much joy and laughter.









This website is important to me in many ways. I play the piano and it identifies all of my work and exam scores, even all of my rudiments test paper. Having this website clearly tells me what I need to work on and improve on to be better next time. It has a list of all the requirements for all the levels of piano and it makes it easier for me to achieve my goal which is getting to ARCT.