Take your kid to work day

Today I go to my mom work place, it is a Chinese food restaurant. I eat my breakfast and                                                                                                                               lunch in there.

On Nov.1st, I can hear many peoples talking, it is so load in the restaurant. I saw many of                                                                                                                              the workers are busy, and many people are waiting for the table, I can smell many foods. I                                                                                                                            felt hungry when I was looking at people eating. I want any job that doesn’t need to wake                                                                                                                               up early. Need to work more than 7-9 hours every day, would motivate me to wake up                                                                                                                                     every day to attend work. I notice that China peoples are talking louder than other                                                                                                                                          peoples, it is just only China peoples.

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