Welcome to Plato’s Blog


Welcome to Plato’s blog, I’m a student and I like fishing. In this blog, I will share some tips about high school life and how to get more done in school.

The quote I like is know thyself-ever victorious, this is my dad told me , but i already forgot what is it mean



This is one of my favorite YouTube clips

I love watching this YouTuber play some scary games. There are some scary games that are fun and it amuses me

This video is about ghosts in school. The name is Bridge Curse and this game has a lot of mysteries


These are the pictures I like and don’t like…

I like these fish photos because I love fishing. I always want to catch some big fish with my dad.

I have caught sturgeon before but I wish I could catch a bigger one.

I didn’t show some photos that I didn’t like because it made me feel bad.

For some reason I don’t know how to send pictures that are meaningful to you.

This is a paddlefish, this is my first sturgeon in Canada, I think I’m lucky to catch it

Before my dad needed to go back to Hong Kong for work.


My favorite website is YouTube because there are many videos on YouTube,

I can watch many different videos on YouTube.


My birthday is on the 23rd<>

One day I caught a paddlefish that was bigger than any paddlefish I had ever caught before.

It’s closer to 7 feet, I think it’s 6.5 feet and 150 pounds. When I saw the fish appear underwater, I thought it wasn’t that big because I always caught sturgeons around 5 feet, but when I saw the photos my dad took, it was so big.

One times my dad bought me a e-scooter for my present.