The danger of Online footprints

Missing – 0 Not Meeting – 1-2 Meeting – 4 Proficient -5
Content Little or no content Some content but not explained clearly Content with explanations Content is clear and well explained
Communication Hard to follow or understand Made some effort to present main ideas in a clear way Most ideas are presented in an easy and clear way All ideas are presented in an easy and clear way. Ideas are also connected to each other.
Technology Little use in new content creation, ie only a simple PowerPoint Attempted to use digital tools with some success New digital tools were used New digital tools were used effectively
Creativity Simple designs, and little colour Design elements are present but somewhat disorganized Everything present, easy to read, looks good Pops, eye-catching, something you would post in a school hallway and be proud

One thought on “The danger of Online footprints”

  1. Good job on your Digital Footprint assignment! Your project clearly demonstrates your understanding of your digital footprint. Content is clear and well explained. Please come to the tech center to see how to embed your project into your blog.

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