About Me

About Me 

Hello people, I’m new to Dr. Charles Best Secondary and  I’m going to explain things about me that you may not know. I will be explaining my favourite quote,  a video and a picture.

My quote

      Image result for life doesn't get easier

This is my favourite quote because it explains that the people who work harder in life is the one that can keep going because life isn’t going to get easier. It makes me think how much work, people put into their lives to succeed in that they are doing.

My favourite video


This is kinda my favourite video because it helps motivate me in whatever I do, to accomplish my goals. It makes me think positive about how I want to get better. It makes me want to become the better version of myself and make me not want to do things because of others, but for myself.


Image result for kyrie vs kobe

This is one of my favourite pictures because Allen Iverson is one of my favourite basketball players and he inspired me a lot in basketball. He also taught me to never give up whatever the circumstance.


My favourite link is Youtube. I like it because it helps me a lot. When I need help with something, for example, I can just search it up and I can find videos that help me with what I need.


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