proud of assignment

The project that I am most proud of last semester is my woodwork step stool. I am most proud of this stool because I completed it very quickly and I did a very good job on building it. My goal was to make sure it was very sturdy. So, I made sure that I drilled enough screws to be able to hold my weight. Also, the stool is also very smooth because I sanded ┬áit very well. I used sand paper to smooth out the rough surface of the wood. I like smooth surfaces because I can use them with out getting splinters. I use this stool as a foot rest whenever I do homework and sometimes just to relax and chill when my legs get tired. I can also use this stool to reach things that are high up that I can’t usually reach. In other words, this stool is very useful for me.


This is the photo of the step stool.

woodwork 9- wooden stool

In woodwork 9 we had to make a wooden stool.

I am really proud of this project because it was my first woodwork project this year and I did a pretty good job on it and it turned out very nice and smooth because I had sanded it. I am also very proud of it because it was one of he most useful objects that i have made. Here it is i hope you enjoy.