Welcome to Mahnat’s blog

Welcome to my blog I am a student and I want you to get to know me a little bit better so I am going to say a few things about me.

1) What is Your Favorite Quote: You can do anything, if you were not taught anything you wont do anything, if you were taught everything you can do a lot more -Kanye West.

2) What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: This clip is of an NHL goalie named Brayden Holtby who made one of the Best saves in NHL history.

I like this clip because I play hockey and I am also a goalie so it motivates e to play better in practices and especially games.



3) Find a Picture that has Impacted You: I like this picture because it is my favourite NHL player and he left my favourite team [the canucks] and has recently came back. Download wallpapers Elias Pettersson, 4k, Vancouver Canucks, NHL, hockey players, neon lights, USA, Elias Pettersson 4K, hockey, Elias Pettersson Vancouver Canucks for desktop free. Pictures for desktop free



4) What is Your Favorite Website: My favourite website is youtube. Youtube is my favourite because i can listen to music on it, i can watch funny videos, and I can watch sports highlights and much more things.




  • The History or Your Birthday: Click on this link click here, enter your birthday…then be amazed by all the cool things that have happened in history on your day! Write about a couple of events you found out about, that took place on your birthday.


  • Create a wordle about yourself: click here, begin creating a wordle about you. Do not use your last name or any identifying features. Simply, enter a list of 10-15 words that you think describe you e.g caring, intense, and words the describe your hobbies and things you like to do. Once you have created the wordle, click on the link download to SVG, copy the URL and insert it in your blog post. Once in your blog post, go to the HTML section and adjust the height and width to make it fit your page.