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For my paragraph I chose to write about Butterflys since they are very cool creatures and I find them interesting. The monarch butterfly population has been severely impacted by human activity, now you may ask why? And I am here to tell you, not only about their endangerment but a few other things. The loss of plants that keep pollinators healthy, deforestation, urban sprawl, the use of herbicides, and pollution are examples of human activities that endanger these species. But as a society we must understand how our actions can impact the pollinators. It is not only human activity that endangers butterflies, but climate change also has a big impact on their endangerment, as the monarch butterflies will shift their ranges to track more optimal conditions. But luckily, we do have good people in the world who like to help with things like this, a good example is a group of people in Fredericton wanted to see how many monarch butterflies make it back through their migration to Mexico and back. So, they started their yearlong project and built a temporary home for these butterflies. Once the monarchs are fully grown and ready to migrate to Mexico, this group of people will tag and track them on their way to Mexico. 

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