break the fake part 2

I chose an article about a toddler who dressed up as Queen Elizabeth for Halloween, the family sent a photo to the royal family not expecting a response. A few months later they received a letter from the lady-in-waiting. The family was very excited about this and wishes to go to Windsor Castle one day in the same costume. (summary) 


The first photo is a picture of the royal letter written by the lady-in-waiting. I found this photo on the original news article I saw which was CNN. The second photo is me looking up “A Kentucky toddler dressed up as the Queen. A few months later she received royal mail hoax.” More news websites came up. The third and fourth picture I reverse searched the image on About 3 main news sites came up which I provided pictures of next. The first one was CNN which is where I found this article, CNN is a very big news site it looked very real to me. The second one is The Sun. I heard of this site before, doing this type of thing last year at my old school. It is a trustworthy news site. The third one was Yahoo, they did get the toddlers age wrong, but other than that they have included everything the other 2 sites have. (The steps I took to verify the information) 

I believe this story is true 

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