About Me

Your “About Me Page” on your Edublog is likely to become one of the most useful and popular pages on your blog. It is where new readers visit to learn more about you and why they should stick around or revisit. It’s all about you. As you get more comfortable with it, its an opportunity to express who you are, share the things you like to do.  This page will grow change as you do! Here are some ideas to get you started. Please refer to the safe blogging tips, to ensure you protect yourself and others online. Make sure you delete the instructions as you create your page.

*Create a heading or title for each of the tasks provided below*

1) What is Your Favorite Quote: “What you tell yourself everyday will either bring you up or tear you down”-dailyfunnyquotes.com


2) What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: I chose this because I don’t really watch you tube but when I do, there always hauls of some sort.


3) Find a Picture that has Impacted You: This picture has impacted me because I love my cats and they are a good pet to have if you are sad, and they have helped me.


4) What is Your Favorite Website: Spiral Betty  This is my favorite website because I think it is cool to see what your pictures can look like



  • The History or Your Birthday: Click on this link click here, enter your birthday…then be amazed by all the cool things that have happened in history on your day! Write about a couple of events you found out about, that took place on your birthday.
  • A British attempt to invade Canada by sea fails.
  • Lunar Orbiter 1 takes first photograph of Earth from the moon.
  • A 5.8 earthquake centered at Mineral, Virginia, damages the Washington Monument


  • Create a wordle about yourself: click here, begin creating a wordle about you. Do not use your last name or any identifying features. Simply, enter a list of 10-15 words that you think describe you e.g caring, intense, and words the describe your hobbies and things you like to do. Once you have created the wordle, click on the link download to SVG, copy the URL and insert it in your blog post. Once in your blog post, go to the HTML section and adjust the height and width to make it fit your page.