Take Your Kid To Work Day

For take your Kid To Work Day, I went to my Dad’s work. He is works for the VDP, so they had organized a day for kids to do activities. This was a very unique  experience and I will also remember it.


  1. What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 1st? 

We got the opportunity to shoot guns, do I heard the banging of the guns.  At lunch we were able to eat pizza and I could smell the scent of it. I saw police officers, animals, and various gear. I could also feel the police gear, and how the material felt.  




  1. What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work? 

How friendly the people were and how polite they were. I would also look forward to helping my community. I would also be motivated to see some of my co-workers, and that I would work with. 


  1. What about the work environment would discourage you from waking up every day to attend work? 

That fact that you would have to deal with crazy people, that would attack you. And I would not like to respond to violence. And how you may have to work nightshifts and wake up early. 

  1. What is ONE thing you found interesting about your workplace visit?

I found it interesting how the police train the dogs, and how they are used to detect bombs, detect people’s scent, and save people’s lives.