My Employability Skills

My employability skills include teamwork, interpersonal communication and problem-solving. In a workplace, I use teamwork and cooperation when necessary. I can easily negotiate, discuss and compromise with others in a group. While discussing with others, I can easily look for the best possible outcome for everybody, and I can help others even if it might affect me. I am proficient in dividing portions of an assignment to suit everybody’s needs, oftentimes even if it puts more weight on my shoulders, assuming I have the time and capability to do the extra work. Interpersonal communication falls into a similar category as teamwork. You must be able to cooperate with others according to their needs as well as your own. I am very capable of helping others using communication; for example, if somebody needs something explained to them, I usually do a recap of everything necessary, in order, in a very simple way until they understand. Another example of communication is discussing each outcome before acting on them impulsively. An option might make your life easier, but it could negatively affect somebody else. Problem-solving is another one of my strong points. When, or if, a problem comes up, I can carefully and thoughtfully think of a way out of the problem. I find solutions that are not just good at the moment, but solutions that will also have a good result. For example, if I have incomplete homework, I will not just lie about doing it and later have a teacher realize this, because it would have consequences. I will be honest and find a solution to make up for my missing assignment, whether that means redoing it or doing an alternate assignment to make up for the marks I lost. One of my only weak points, at least that are especially weak compared to others, is flexibility and adaptivity. In a new situation or an unexpected scenario, I tend to get overwhelmed often.

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