Solution Fluency

Part 1: Define/Discover 

  1. I don’t like how…
  • I have a very rigid schedule for homework and school 
  • My computer sometimes randomly shuts itself down 
  • My Wi-Fi goes out at random 
  • Not having enough different shirt, pants, etc for one school week 
  • Not having any source of income 
  • Eating dinner very late 
  • Could I make a new schedule for homework and school to switch it up? Could I find new time during the school day to do some homework? 
  • What could be making it shut down? Is the power switch pressing against my desk? Is it a software issue, maybe with Windows? 
  • Is it my router, or is it my devices? Would this be happening with a different provider? Is it only certain devices of mine? 
  • Could I save up enough money to go out and buy some new sets of clothes? Is there a better way of recycling my clothes throughout the week so I can reuse more? 
  • Could I ask for allowance for the chores I do daily? Could I/should I apply for a job? Am I too young for a real part-time job? Am I too busy? 
  • Could I just ask my parents to start eating much earlier? Could I eat my own dinner every night? Alternate between my own dinner and my parents’ dinner? 

Part 2: Dream/Design 

  1. The best outcomes are…
  • Finding a more efficient way of doing work to save time 
  • Finding out why it happens and preventing it somehow, maybe by buying new parts, maybe doing something to my software 
  • Figuring out if I can do anything to my devices to prevent it somehow 
  • Saving enough money to buy more nice clothes for myself one day 
  • Asking for an allowance and working more/harder for my chores 
  • Asking to start dinner just a half hour earlier so I can digest by the time I sleep 

Part 3: Deliver/Debrief 

  1. Ideally, in a hypothetical scenario, I would do my homework at lunch and if I finish any in-class assignments early, then get home around 4 with little to no homework. I would walk in the door, sit down at my desk, and do 30 minutes of work, then have the rest of my day to relax. Whenever I decide to play on my computer, I get on with some new parts in there that will make my computer run faster, smoother, and not shut itself down and/or lose connection just when it gets fun. I sit down, play with some friends for an hour or 2, do some exercise until a 6:30 or 7:00 dinner time, so I have time to relax and digest afterwards. The next day, I wake up and put on one of my new sets of clothes that I just bought and start walking the dogs in the morning, cutting the grass in the yard and cleaning the house to the best of my abilities for a little bit of allowance every week.
  2. For me, this scenario all felt very possible and easy to manage. It would require a lot of dedication sometimes, but it would help me sort out my day, make some money, and really everything I need within the span of one day. I think if I did all of these exactly how I described them in the scenario, this would be very successful for me. 

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