English 9

Manhood (Part 1)

"Manhood" part 2

Manhood (Part 3)


a. The underlying message in the comic strip is forgiveness and honesty. Rob’s dad is furious that Rob lied to him, and can’t believe that Rob would betray him, and continue to betray him across a span of almost a couple months. When he figures out that Rob is also lying about his stomach ache, or what his mom thinks is appendicitis, this also portrays Rob as a lier in his dad’s eyes. Later on, however, Rob and his dad make up when Rob makes a humble apology and explains why he would tell that kind of lie, and he is forgiven.

b. The emotion/action/outcome that the message was meant to cause was a happy ending for everyone, a complete win-win situation. This came across when Rob is forgiven and they become much closer again, and as an added bonus, the fact that Rob ended up being a boxer helped get the same emotion across.

c. There isn’t bias or opinion in this alternate ending, it’s a fairly straight forward story of forgiveness with a little twist at the end, with Rob becoming a boxer.

d. The comic strip helps to show emotion between each character and is a useful visualizer compared to regular text. It’s important in something like this because it makes your writing almost have more meaning if you manage to show the emotions in depth.

e. Unfortunately, it is difficult to show those in-depth emotions since the number of moods given for each style of character specifically that they would have to be reused, and it also limited the storytelling to a certain extent, since there were really only basic emotions such as happy, sad and angry.

f. I think a stick pivot animation could be very effective. Although it may prove difficult to show emotions all the time, since you would be limited to blank-faced stick figures, it would feel more real and leave much more room for creativity.

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