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Hi!!!! This blog follows my years at Charles Best. This will be the fourth school I will be attending. I have many hobbies such as drawing, singing, reading, snowboarding/skiing, dance which brings me to my next point about me, I do dance and am in theater. Music has been a big part of my life, there is always a song out there to cheer you up if your down and a song to change your mood again. I like doing work listening to music. 

A Quote

“The things that have been most valuable to me I did not learn in school.”-Will Smith, I love this quote because to me it talks about love like loving a family and, school does not teach you to love, you need to learn it on your own, to love others with grace, its not something a teacher can teach you in school.



This video is about a mothers love, this should send a meaningful message that a mother loves you no mater what, that family is high up on your priority list. Its significant because the fact that his mother was always believing in him even when he didn’t believe in himself, that’s where true love comes into play. He didn’t get the chance to tell his mother that he loved her but she already knew that he loves her and always will. When i first watched this video it brought tears to my eyes. I love my mother and I tell her that but this man did not yet she was always there for him even in his darkest moments.

This picture to me represents trust. I believe that trust is a massive part of someones life and, a life without trust would have you sitting in a corner in fetal position. Losing trust in someone is like losing a big part of yourself. You have to be able to trust others to trust yourself.


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Kahoot is a great website to use while learning, it makes it fun to learn new things. It was fun to use this website to learn last year. Some people even did projects with Kahoot, I just found that it makes it easy and fun.

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