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Thank you for visiting my blog whoever is reading this, this blog is about some rules I want to address about commenting on my blogs and everyone else’s blogs too. I’ve chosen four rules for commenting on blogs today and I will be explaining why.

1. Comments should be at least 2-5 sentences, not less.

explanation: I believe this rule is important because for interesting posts, you don’t really want to just comment one quick sentence about the post, you should put thought and care into the comment, just like the creator of the blog did for the blog.

2. Constructive criticism only. Critique the idea, not the person. Being derogatory or inflammatory distracts the conversation. Respect other people and their opinions and ideas.

explanation: If someone’s blog is wrong or just bad in your opinion, you should critique their idea, and not them as a person; because at the end of the day you never know what someone on the internet can and/or will do.

3. Use good grammar and spelling. Mistakes cause readers to focus on how you write, not your ideas.

explanation: If you want to critique or even propose a new idea you shouldn’t be making a fool of yourself, make your grammar and wording as strong as you, and all of us are strong so no weakness in comments.

4. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

explanation: This is quite simple, because it’s just saying that you should not be too mean to others especially on the internet, because again it is a form of bullying once it passes a point.


Example of a blog and comment: “How to make an igloo hangout for you and your friends to hangout in!”

Comment: “Wow Kevin this is a great idea with good intents, it’s exactly what I like. Next though please be a bit more clear with the formatting of the steps and the tools required, because I kind of lost the steps and how to do them in the middle somewhere!”



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