Break The Fake – Statistics & facts about how vending machines have a higher annual death rate for humans compared to annual deaths caused by shark attacks

  1. I was browsing the web about some shark facts, and I came upon this website called insider that was talking about animals that aren’t as dangerous as other people think. In the picture I included below, it says that only around 6 people die from sharks each year, and that means that you’re more likely to die from a falling vending machine. I decided to do more research on this fact to see if it was actually real or not.


2. After some more research on the fact, I found another website that included a statistical photo that was made by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System website/organization. The picture shows the total shark attacks, how many were fatal and non fatal in each year, and finally totaled it up to 6 fatal shark attacks for around 9 years. Of course the statistics were a bit in the past, but only by a year and a half from now basically. I decided to check the website to see if it was trustable.


3. Right off the bat, it looks pretty trustable to me, it has a good format for a statistical based website and it doesn’t look like something a fake website would spend so much time on, I decided to dig deeper in the next photo.



4. At the bottom of the website page it has links to almost everything that you can contact them on, which leads me to believe that they are even more trustable for creating these social media accounts for their website, they also provide a phone number which you can contact them on.


I fully trust that these facts and statistics are true and not false, also backed up with my research.


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