Information fluency, Topic: Sharks, why they need to be understood better.

Personally, I have always liked sharks. They’re cool, they can swim fast, they’re strong and they’re really intimidating. On the other hand though, the last thing I would want to do is to be close to one, or even in the water with one, because even thought I like sharks, I am still scared of how unpredictable they can be, plus I’m not that much of a marine life expert. That is why I always try to stay away from areas that contain sharks, because it’s always in my best interest to not be close to them. I’ve seen some people call sharks mass killers and killing machines, and these are all based off of once in a life time encounters that they have heard from other people, or these crazy allegations would be from movies that make sharks look like absolute monsters that are always waiting for you to step into the water just so they can drag you to the bottom of the ocean and kill you. These movies are movies such as the Jaws movie, the films about megalodon which was a huge prehistoric maniac of a shark. There are still many, many more movies out there that incite fear into people’s thoughts of sharks. It really isn’t fair to sharks, when humans kill 80 to 100 million sharks every single year, but they only kill about 5 humans every year. Do you see the difference? We, humans, are literally making sharks go extinct by other destroying their eco systems, or just simply hunting them and selling them for personal benefits.

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