My Employability skills – A Reflection

Kaley Stockton                                                                                                            Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1. Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

The Employability Skills that I currently have are professionalism, problem-solving and critical thinking. How I used these skills in the activities today (the name web and the human knot) was for problem-solving and critical thinking, my section of the human knot, we were somehow a separate group, and we were the first to “un-tie” ourselves into a circular form. For professionalism, in the name web, I followed the instructions and did not drop my string, or I unravelled the yarn enough so when I threw it, it reached the person. Also, when it was my turn, I remembered what the other person’s name and what they like was, and I also remembered to say my name and what the thing I like or do about me. I used teamwork with my classmates to untangle ourselves while also using communication and listened to others when we were throwing the yarn around and untangling ourselves during the activities, I was responsible and accountable.during the activities, I was enthusiastic and had a positive attitude. When I got feedback on how to untangle ourselves I used it to untangle myself for efficiently and quickly as well as helped others. I was flexible and adaptable in different ways to untangle myself.

2. Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practise them so that you are employable in the future.

An Employability Skill I would like to work on in the future is definitely time management because I often have a lot of homework that is often handed in late to my teacher because I get caught up in making things perfect when what’s important is not that it looks good but that I understand what I half to and get it done efficiently. How I could also improve on that is by knowing what all my homework is, then estimating how long it is going to take, and then scheduling my day so I can do all of the work. Also, another way for how I can improve my time management is having a homework buddy which I have already started doing which has helped me to be more productive and not to overthink simplistic things. This has been working but I can always further improve and I will continue to.

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